Snow sculptures


inter_sculpture_web1Every year, Place Desjardins and Place Loto-Québec become a giant outdoor museum where sculptors from all around the world make blocks of snow come to life.

Snow sculpting has been part of the life of the Québec scene for years.

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inter_sculpture_web2During the 1950s, professionals, amateurs and children aimed to build ephemeral monuments of a city in celebration, either in front of their own homes or on a chosen site. Sainte-Thérèse Street was the most popular site until 1990.

Born out of the imagination of Quebeckers, snow sculpting became one of the Carnival’s key activities. In 1973, the International Snow Sculpture Competition of Québec officially opened and four teams participated. The following year, the Canadian component was created, and in 1982, the Québec component of the competition appeared. These two components took place at the same time over a three-day period, usually on the first weekend of the Québec Winter Carnival, while the International component lasted all of the following week.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the event, a fourth component was created. The Next Generation aimed to promote snow sculpture among the youth of Québec registered in a college or university art program, to ensure the continuity and the development of this art form.

inter_sculpture_web3Over the years, this prestigious activity underwent many modifications before becoming the outstanding presentation we now enjoy. That is how the International Snow Sculpture Competition forged an enviable credibility and reputation throughout the world. It is the oldest snow sculpture competition and one of the most prestigious. Every year, sculptors from around the world take on the challenge to create a work of art with this ephemeral and fragile medium under extraordinary conditions.

Seeing a sculpture being created, discovering it and watching it come to life is pure magic. There are many enthusiasts on site for the whole magical night as the powerful silence is only interrupted by the final hammer blows of the artists who create like a song in the night, confirming that the Québec Winter Carnival’s International Snow Sculpture Competition is an extraordinary event.