The Québec Winter Carnival: The Event of the Winter

A world of job opportunities awaits you at the Carnival. In the office, in research, in innovation, and in the field! Discover the possibilities today

Job Offers

Job Offers - Carnaval de Québec

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Our Employees Speak Out

Our Employees Speak Out - Carnaval de Québec

Jérémie Millette, Operations Assistant

Carnival employee since 2005

”I always wanted a job that was rewarding and let me push my limits. The Carnival is exactly that! I get to take initiative, use my creativity, and constantly develop new skills.”

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Recognition Practices

At the Québec Winter Carnival, employee recognition is a powerful motivational tool used to help the organization reach its objectives.

Our recognition practices are not only designed to foster individual interest, but to stimulate collective interest in contributing to the Carnival endeavour. In addition to encouraging employees in their efforts, our practices seek to recognize individual achievements and aggregate the resulting benefits.

Lastly, recognition is designed to respond to a basic human need: the need to feel like a full-fledged partner whose role is valued by the organization.