Accreditation for volunteers, partners, sponsors, employees and media is produced and distributed by the Carnival office. The Accreditation Committee, working in close cooperation with the coordinator of human resources, is responsible for preparing, bagging, and double-checking the more than 4,000 accreditations issued each year.

Blood drive

Every year, the public is invited to a two-day Carnival blood donor clinic held at the Laurier Québec shopping centre. The clinic is organized by a committee of volunteers who greet blood donors and provide assistance to the Héma-Québec team in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Bonhomme's Ball

Bonhomme’s Ball is a prestigious activity held in the magnificent Fairmont le Château Frontenac ballroom. Volunteers with this committee help decorate and set up the ballroom, greet guests, and lend a hand with cleanup and teardown at the end of the evening.

Bonhomme's Brunch

Bonhomme’s Brunch plays host to 400 people every year. This activity requires a team of 20 volunteers whose main responsibilities include greeting participants and making sure the event runs smoothly.

Canoe Race

The canoe race is divided into two events, the qualifications on Friday, and the race on the river on Sunday. A great deal of planning is required to make this event a success. Volunteers are on hand to welcome participants and visitors and make sure everything proceeds safely for all concerned.

Carnival Candles

Candle sales are an important source of funding for the Québec Winter Carnival. Working in collaboration with the Sponsorship and Financing Committee, the Candle Committee is responsible for soliciting and liaising with vendor organizations. Volunteers for the committee plan, organize, and coordinate candle sale week as well as promotional activities.

Carnival Information Centre

The Carnival Information Centre is a must for Carnival-goers—whether they’re from Quebec City or out of town. It provides visitors with information about Carnival activities as well as Québec City tourist attractions. The information centre is run entirely by volunteers. Good knowledge of English is an asset.


Bonhomme’s effigy is not just a passport to Carnival activities, it is a major source of Carnival funding. The Effigy Committee, in cooperation with the Commercial Development Department, is tasked with overseeing effigy distribution and procurement and monitoring points of sale.

Guest Country

Every year, a guest country is invited to participate in the Carnival and contribute to event programming. As a volunteer for this committee, you will have the opportunity to accompany members of the guest country delegation during activities while ensuring that they have a pleasant and memorable stay. Knowledge of foreign languages is an asset.

International Snow Sculpture Event

The International Snow Sculpture Competition is a must for sculptors, Carnival-goers, and volunteers alike. With its 2 categories of competition (Nationaland Next Generation) spread over 10 days, the competition offers a range of interesting challenges and responsibilities for committee members. If you enjoy organizing official and social activities and arranging technical support, this committee is for you! Knowledge of foreign languages is an asset.

Place de la Famille (Famlily Place)

The Plains of Abraham are the center of Carnival action for family activities. The Place de la famille Committee has 350 volunteers to oversee visitor reception and help run onsite activities during the 17 days of the Carnival. If you like being outside in winter, jobs are available at the following sites: Carnival Snow Slides, KRAFT Snow Rafting, Uniprix’s Ice Slide, Arctic Spa Village, Giant Table Soccer, Service Tent and Mr. Christie/Cadbury village.

Place du Plais (Ice Palace Place)

Zone Loto-Québec is where Bonhomme’s legendary ice palace is built each year. Located opposite the National Assembly, the site welcomes thousands of Carnival-goers every day who come to visit the ice palace and enjoy the activities. A team of over 100 volunteers is in charge of visitor reception at the site.


In support of the other committees, and in collaboration with the Sponsorship and Financing Department, the Procurement Committee is responsible for managing the Carnival merchandise warehouse and for delivering merchandise to the various committees and activities.

Québec-Calgary Exchange

Every year, the Carnival hosts a delegation from Calgary. The committee in charge of these special guests makes sure that they have a pleasant stay. Committee members help organize official, cultural and social activities, including the famous flapjack breakfast. Committee executives also accompany the Carnival delegation on its annual visit to the Stampede.

Snow Bath

The snow bath is a fun-filled activity that has been a Carnival favourite for years. A committee of 20 volunteers registers and welcomes participants and also oversees logistics, security, and entertainment for the snow bathers.

VIP Reception

The main role of the VIP Reception Committee is to provide reception, accompaniment and transportation services to Carnival VIP guests. Escort and driver positions are available.