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Effigy needed

At nightfall, the forces of winter take over Bonhomme’s Ice Palace at the Loto-Québec Zone, giving birth to a playful adventure that calls you to action.

In this interactive world of northern symphony and lights by the thousands, it’s up to you to bring a frozen landscape to life. Enter the nocturnal universe of Odyss Land of Ice, an immersive and interactive experience!

Children aged 7 or younger can participate free of charge if accompanied by an adult who is authorized to take part to Odyss, without booking. Children aged 8 or older must show their own ticket and Effigy. 

Book your place

To enjoy the Odyss experience:

  1. Find the number printed on your ticket. 
  2. Places for Odyss are limited and buying the Effigy does not guarantee access to this experience. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to schedule your participation early. Book your visit and your friends’ in advance (*children aged 7 or younger can participate without a reservation if accompanying an adult who has booked a visit).
  3. Keep your ticket at hand! It includes a barcode that’s required to access the Odyss experience.
  4. Be sure to arrive at the Loto-Québec Zone at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time. Bring your ticket and your Effigy for the 2018 Quebec Winter Carnival.
  5. Enter the nocturnal wonderland of Odyss!

For more informations, please check the FAQ Odyss section

Important Information

The rules and regulations of the Thepointofsale.com online platform apply to Odyss, as do the rules below.

  • Your ticket is valid from January 26 to February 10, 2018, inclusive.
  • Be on site at the scheduled date and time! Your ticket is only valid at this precise moment.
  • Should you not be present at the scheduled date and time, your ticket will become invalid and will no longer be usable to book a place for the Odyss experience.
  • You must present your ticket to participate in the experience. No reproduction allowed.
  • The Carnival is not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets. You are responsible for keeping your ticket until the event.
  • You may reschedule your reservation up to 24 hours before the set date and time. Simply book again at a different time using the code which appears on your ticket. Your former reservation will then be canceled automatically. If there’s less than 24 hours to go before your scheduled reservation, you may no longer reschedule.
  • Each day Odyss takes place, additional places for that day are made available when the Loto-Québec Zone opens to the public. These extra places can only be booked on the same day, either online or on one of the terminals located at the Loto-Québec Zone. This gives people who could not book a place for Odyss beforehand a chance to participate.
  • Should a situation beyond our control arise and force us to cancel an Odyss event, we will warn you by email on the same day. This email will explain how to reschedule your visit. All responsibility for rescheduling a visit in case of cancellation lies with the user, not the Quebec Winter Carnival or its partners. The Carnival cannot guarantee that rescheduling will be always possible in case of cancellation.
  • Places for Odyss are limited and buying the Effigy does not guarantee access to this experience. Inability to access Odyss is not grounds for a refund, regardless of the cause.
  • For your safety, please follow these guidelines:
    • The Odyss experience is not recommended for mobility-impaired persons.
    • We advise against using the flash on your camera.
    • Animals are not allowed inside the Odyss experience.
    • Food, drink, drugs and alcohol are banned inside the Odyss experience.

Legal Information

  • Carnival management reserves the right to cancel the activity if visitor safety is compromised.
  • When you schedule your visit, you agree to exempt the Quebec Winter Carnival and all its partners of all responsibility for any risk of theft, injury or equipment breakage during the Odyss experience (including inside the waiting area). You also agree to hold harmless the Quebec Winter Carnival and its partners and to waive all claims against them. You are responsible for any damage you might cause to the Odyss equipment and agree to pay for these damages in full if applicable.
  • The Carnival is committed to maintaining confidentiality of the personal information supplied through the online booking process.
  • Any individual who causes a safety risk for visitors or any other person present on the Odyss site may be expelled without refund.
  • Places for Odyss are limited and buying the Effigy does not guarantee access to this experience. Inability to access Odyss is not grounds for a refund, regardless of the cause.
  • Your ticket is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash and may not be sold to a third party.
  • Should this ticket become the object of a sworn complaint for theft filed with a police service, it immediately becomes invalid.

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