What is the candle?

The Candle is a fundraising campaign, but also an integral part of the Carnival’s long tradition. Each year, it spreads the spirit of celebration across the Quebec City area as the local Duchies face off in friendly competition during Candle Week.

The Candle is one of the Carnival’s main revenue streams and financially supports numerous organizations in the region. It can be purchased from over one hundred local organizations that keep a percentage of sales and from the seven Carnival Duchesses.

When you buy a Candle, not only do you directly fund the activities of your local groups and organizations, you also get the chance to win prizes. If your candle runs red as it melts, then a winning capsule is encased in its base! Each year, you could collect one of over 500 instant prizes with a winning Candle. Plus, whether your Candle runs red or not, you can sign up online for a separate chance at the grand prize.

Where to buy a candle

Want to try your luck with the Candle so you too can fund many organizations and get a shot at winning one of our numerous prizes? Here’s how to get your Candle!

At the Carnival Offices

Can’t wait to get your Candle? Drop by the Carnival Shop at 205, boulevard des Cèdres, Quebec City. The Candle will be available at the shop from December until January. Exact dates will be announced soon.

From Your Duchess

What better way to get a Candle than from one of its ambassadors? If you live in the greater Quebec City area, catch your Duchess at one of her many public appearances and visits to various organizations. Keep an eye on her Facebook page to stay on top of her schedule and get your Candle from your very own representative.

From Vendor Organizations

 Candle Week is an opportunity for participating organizations to make themselves visible in their respective neighborhoods. Throughout this week, these organizations will send representatives to sell Candles door to door across their Duchy. The Candle is also already available in participating points of sale.

 You can find points of sale for your Duchy on this map:


Here’s a complete list of all Candle points of sale:

  • Quebec Winter Carnival: 205, boulevard des Cèdres, G1L 1N8, Quebec City
  • Bureau en Gros (Staples): 2975, boulevard Laurier, G1V 2M2, Quebec City
  • Bureau en Gros (Staples): 565, boulevard Lebourgneuf, G2J 1R9, Quebec City
  • Bureau en Gros (Staples): 80, route du Président-Kennedy, G6V 6V9, Lévis
  • Bureau en Gros (Staples): 843, rue Clémenceau, G1C 2K6, Quebec City
  • Bureau en Gros (Staples): 1510, avenue Jules-Verne, G2G 2R5, Quebec City
  • Bureau en Gros (Staples): 1400, rue Cyrille-Duquet, G1N 2E5, Quebec City
  • Bureau en Gros (Staples): 4605, boulevard de l’Auvergne, G2C 1H7, Quebec City
  • Brunet—G. Fleury, V. Blanchet, M. Plante affiliated pharmacist-owners: 605, rue Saint-Joseph Est, G1K 3C1, Quebec City
  • Benjo: 550, boulevard Charest Est, G1K 3J3, Quebec City
  • Céramic Café Studio Québec: 435, rue Saint-Joseph Est, G1K 3B6, Quebec City
  • Relais Camping de la Montagne: 1274, avenue de la Montagne Ouest, G3K 1V9, Quebec City
  • Biceps BBQ: 5151, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1H 3B1, Quebec City
  • La Bourgeoise: 5930, 1re Avenue, G1H 2W1, Quebec City
  • Patro Charlesbourg: 7700, 3e Avenue Est, G1H 7J2, Quebec City
  • Chocolats Favoris: 8320, 1re Avenue, G1G 4C2, Quebec City
  • Salon de Couture Céline: 6975, avenue Isaac-Bédard, G1H 3C9, Quebec City
  • La Fudgerie Inc.: 717, boulevard Louis-XIV, G1H 4M9, Quebec City
  • Au Précieux Temps: 12, rue Bernier Ouest, G2N 1J5, Quebec City
  • Pneus Ratté—Point S: 7540, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1H 3E6, Quebec City
  • Garage Julien & Bédard Inc.: 14001, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1G 3Y9, Quebec City
  • Four Points by Sheraton: 7900, rue du Marigot, G1G 6T8, Quebec City
  • Madolaine: 7710, 1re Avenue, G1H 2Y2, Quebec City
  • Café Noisette: 1000, boulevard du Lac, #100, G2M 0C9, Quebec City
  • Les Ptits Fringueux: 8255, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1G 4C8, Quebec City
  • Dyno Charlesbourg: 8655, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1G 4E4, Quebec City
  • La Piazetta: 6975, avenue Isaac-Bédard, G1H 3C9, Quebec City
  • Au Toit Rouge: 12025, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1G 3Y2, Quebec City
  • Café-Resto Christina: 8500, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1G 5X1, Quebec City
  • Gîte du Moulin Lac-Beauport: 133, chemin du Moulin, G3B 0E1, Quebec City
  • IGA des Sources: 17010, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1G 4A3, Quebec City
  • Salon Darbourg: 8500, boulevard Henri-Bourassa, G1G 5X1, Quebec City
  • Spa Santé Relaxe: 767, boulevard Louis-XIV, G1H 1A1, Quebec City
  • Entourage sur-le-Lac: 99, chemin du Tour-du-Lac, G3B 2R3, Quebec City
  • Dépanneur du boulevard: 2269, boulevard Louis-XIV, G1C 1A4, Quebec City
  • Provigo La Malbaie: 25, boulevard Kane, G5A 1J2, La Malbaie
  • Jean Coutu: 2372, boulevard Louis-XIV, G1C 5K1, Quebec City
  • Tim Hortons: 2960, boulevard Louis-XIV, G1C 0J4, Quebec City
  • Proxima Centauri: 825, boulevard Lebourgneuf, G2J 0B9, Quebec City
  • Magasin Général Rive-Sud: 106, côte du Passage, G6V 6B3, Lévis
  • Unik Média: 1689, rue du Marais, #220, G1M 0A2, Quebec City
  • Les Résidences du Précieux-Sang: 5615, rue Saint-Louis, G6V 4G2, Lévis
  • Fromagerie Victoria: 1795, route Lagueux, G7A 2M4, Lévis
  • Fromagerie Victoria: 164, route du Président-Kennedy, G6V 6E1, Lévis
  • Morini Coiffure: 898, boulevard Raymond, G1C 5P4, Quebec City
  • Namaste Yoga: 580, route des Rivières, #205, G7A 2T6, Lévis
  • Namaste Yoga: 49, rue Fortier, #201, G6V 6K9, Lévis
  • Coffrage ld: 2621, avenue de la Rotonde, G6X 2M2, Lévis
  • Signalisation Girard: 1000, avenue Nordique, G1C 0H1, Quebec City
  • Baizenville: 561, rue Saint-Joseph Est, G1K 3B7, Quebec City
  • Tandem Institut: 700, route du Président-Kennedy, G6C 1E2, Lévis
  • Adrénaline Sports: 6280, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, G2E 2H8, L’Ancienne-Lorette
  • Café 3075: 3075, chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, G1W 4Y5, Quebec City
  • Les Confidentes: 24, rue Alexandre-Duschesneau, G0A 4V0, Quebec City
  • Société Alzheimer de Québec: 1040, avenue Belvédère, G1S 3G3, Quebec City
  • Coiffure Mag: 8550, rue de la Bonne-Entente, G2K 1C7, Quebec City
  • Tadam: 665, rue des Rocailles, G2J 1A9, Quebec City
  • PCN Pierre-Bertrand: 303, boulevard Pierre-Bertrand, G1M 3O7, Quebec City
  • Pneus Ratté: 385, rue des Entrepreneurs, G1M 1B4, Quebec City
  • Pneus Ratté: 4065, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, G1P 2J6, Quebec City
  • Clinique dentaire Québec: 2485, chemin Saint-Louis, G1T 1R9, Quebec City
  • Joël Godin, member of Parliament: 334, route 138, #230, G3A 1G8, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures
  • Clinique Optimum Chiropratique: 3175, chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, G1W2K7, Quebec City
  • Salon de coiffure Marie-Paule: 165, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, G1K1J9, Quebec City
  • Restaurant Tuscanos: 1445, avenue Jules-Vernes, G2G 2R8, Quebec City
  • Pharmacie Blais, Côté et Tremblay: 1750, avenue de Vitré, G1J1Z6, Quebec City
  • Pharmacie Blais et Couillard: 3066, chemin Saint-Louis, G1W1R7, Quebec City
  • SQUAT Basse-Ville: 97, rue Notre-Dame-des-Anges, G1K3E4, Quebec City
  • Point S—Pneus Ratté: 3115, boulevard Hochelaga, G1W2P9, Quebec City
  • Marché des sorciers: 1850, chemin Royal, G0A 3W0, Quebec City
  • Uniprix M-È. Bolduc, A. Robert et G. Larose—Affiliated pharmacy: 1830, avenue Industrielle, G3K 1M4, Quebec City
  • Uniprix Guy Ouellet—Affiliated pharmacy: 4770, route Sainte-Geneviève, G2B 4P1, Quebec City
  • Pneus Ratté: 103, 3e Avenue, G1L 2V3, Quebec City
  • Pneus Ratté: 3880, boulevard Guillaume-Couture, G6W 1H7, Lévis
  • Pneus Ratté: 159, route du Président-Kennedy, G6V 6E2, Lévis
  • Infirmia: 725 Boul. Lebourgneuf bureau 301, G2J 0C4, Québec

The Candle, a Lottery Just Like Me!

Numerous prizes are at stake! When you buy a Candle, you get a chance to win not only one of 600 instant prizes, but also the grand prize:

One year of gas at EKO

For a chance to win the grand prize, register by writing the number associated to your Candle on our online form. This contest ends on January 22, 2018.

Here is a list of all other prizes available:

  • 150 x $50 gift card for Tuscanos
  • 10 x $100 gift card for Côtes-à-Côtes Resto Grill
  • 50 x Mondelēz gift basket
  • 4 x $25 gift card for La Piazzetta
  • 1 x family membership to the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
  • 25 x individual passes for the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
  • 1 x bed & breakfast package for one night at Hôtel Château Laurier
  • 1 x The Good Life package for one night at Hôtel Château Bellevue
  • 1 x night in the Jean-Marc Parent suite, which features bedrooms and a large living room, at Hotel Le Concorde Québec
  • 26 x meal for two at Le23 Restaurant
  • 5 x meal for two at Allegro Restaurant-Bar
  • 50 x panoramic visa, the annual pass for Observatoire de la Capitale
  • 2 x dinners for two at Bistro Le Sam, at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
  • 2 x night in a Fairmont luxury room at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, from January to May or from October to mid-December, 2018
  • 4 x night in double occupancy upon availability on the Signature story of the Delta Quebec Hotel, breakfast included
  • 10 x pair of VIP tickets for the Quebec Winter Carnival Canoe
  • 18 x Quebec Winter Carnival Bluetooth speakers
  • 225 x giant Bonhomme Carnaval plushie
  • 20 x pair of Quebec Winter Carnival Effigies

Selling the Candle to Propel Your Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to fund your activities, selling Candles to round out your budget is one… bright idea! For 60 years now, Candle sales have been helping numerous organizations bring their projects to the next level, be they sports teams, charities or school groups.

Want to attend a foreign sports competition, revamp your schoolyard, go on a humanitarian mission or support a cause dear to your heart? Let the Candle help you achieve your goals and give life to your idea! Here’s all you need to jump right in and spark your project with the Carnival’s fire:

  • Form a team of salespeople;
  • Choose one or more sectors according to the number of people on your team;
  • Note down these sectors;
  • Officially reserve your sectors by contacting Mélissa Talbot by phone at 418 626-3716, x 249, or by email at

What you must know

  • Candles cost $10 and are tax-free.
  • Candles are on presale from December to mid-January, allowing sales to your close ones around Christmas time.
  • The regular Candle sales period takes place over 10 days in January.
  • Selling Candles door-to-door will be mandatory for one given day during this period.

For each candle sold, your organization will receive a $2 commission. Performance rewards will also be split among participating organizations.

Choosing the candle means offering an exciting product and joining a campaign renowned and beloved by all for 60 years!


The Great History of a Little Flame

Although this tiny ambassador of the Carnival is just 12 cm tall, it towers atop its own storied past. Every project it helped finance in the last 60 years is now an integral part of its history. This little flame also had its part to play in six decades of Carnival achievements, pushing Bonhomme and his grand projects ever forward. Yet, the Candle did sometimes waver in the winds, and it was renewed on more than one occasion through its eventful lifespan.

When it was introduced in 1959, the Candle could melt into a variety of colors, with red defining the winner of the grand prize. Following some complaints and incidents, this Candle would later be modified to pose less of a fire hazard: a fireproof base and a new self-snuffing wick were added, and the Candle was encased in aluminum-lined cardboard.

In 1983, the Candle was transformed into a “Scratch Candle”, a typical scratch card hiding small symbols. To win, one had to uncover three of the same symbol. It would take 12 years for the Candle to return to its roots, grounded in tradition, and to once again become a good old wax pillar. For over two decades now, the Candle has once again been lighting up the ambiance and warming up every heart to ready them for our great winter celebration, the Carnival!



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