What is the candle?

Each year, the Carnival Duchesses and about a hundred organizations from the Quebec City region sell the Candle, an important fundraising tool for the Quebec Winter Carnival. All Candles look the same on the outside, but some melt into special colored wax that hides a capsule containing a winning number.

Where to buy a candle

Here is how you can buy a Candle for the low cost of $10, free of tax:

At the Carnival Offices

The Candle is available for purchase at the Carnival Boutique at 205, boulevard des Cèdres, in Quebec City. Exact dates will be precised later this year.

From Your Duchess

The Carnival invites those who are looking to buy a Candle from their Duchess to follow her Facebook page, where they will find her public appearances. The Duchesses will take up their duties in early October.

From a Participating Organization

From January 12 to 21, 2018, participating organizations will walk the streets of all Duchies to sell Candles door-to-door. On that first Saturday, January 13, Quebec City will be all about the Candle! All oraganizations, volunteers join Bonhomme and the Duchesses in the streets to sell Candles door-to-door and in select public area and businesses.

Carnival candle prizes

The winner of the 2017 Candle contest is Marie-Claude Desmarais. Congratulations! Here she is with her price: a gift certificate for one year of gas at EKO!

Here are the other 2017 Candle prizes:

* Consult the rules and prizes of the Carnival Candle contest (in French).

How to sell candles

Year after year, many organizations sell Candles to finance their activities. This unique fundraising method is both pleasant and practical.

In order to sell Candles, you must:

1- Form a team of salespeople;
2- Choose one or more sectors according to the number of people on your team;
3- Note down these sectors;
4- Officially reserve your sectors by contacting Mélissa Talbot by phone at 418 626-3716, x 249, or by email at

Important Information:

  • Candles cost $10 and are tax-free.
  • Candles are on presale from December to mid-January, allowing sales to your close ones around Christmas time.
  • The regular Candle sales period takes place over 10 days in January.
  • Selling Candles door-to-door will be mandatory for one given day during this period.

Your organization will receive a $2 commission for each Candle sold. Performance rewards will also be split among participating organizations.

The Carnival Candle is your chance to raise money for your organization through a campaign that invites participation and features an interesting product.

A short history of the Carnival Candle

The Candle has changed many times since its creation in 1959. At first, it was just your everyday candle: if yours melted into coloured wax, you won a prize. The Candle was lated improved following house fire complaints: a fireproof base was added, the cardboard sheath was lined with aluminum and a new self-extinguishing wick was introduced. In 1983, the Candle was replaced by a “scratch Candle” ticket to eliminate all risk of fire. In order to win a prize, one then had to scratch three of the same image on a single Candle. Another twelve years later, in 1995, the Carnival revived the good old Candle, which remains unchanged to this day. The flame that warms up your heart and radiates a true Carnival ambiance is back, to the delight of all!

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