• When will the next Carnival take place?

    The 65th edition of the Québec Winter Carnival will be held from February 8 to 17, 2019.

  • Where and when can I get the Carnival Effigy?

    The Carnival Effigy is your pass for 10 days of celebration on our major sites.

    * Effigy: A little plastic figurine of Bonhomme Carnival that you hang to your coat. Sales of this figurine are the Carnival’s main source of funding.

  • Where and when can I get the Carnival program?

    We are currently working on the 2018 program. Stay informed by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this website’s home page.

  • Where can I find tourist information?

    Call 1 866 422-7628 for information about the Carnival’s program. For a hotel reservation or if you need more specific information to plan your stay, call 1 877 783-1608.

    Consider visiting the Québec City TourismTourisme Québec and Groupe Voyages Québec websites to plan your stay.

    During the Carnival, we offer an Info-Carnaval information kiosk near Bonhomme’s Ice Palace, at the Loto-Québec Zone. For more information, call the Carnival at 1 866 422-7628.

  • I need promotional material for my classroom. Whom should I contact?

    Some game notebooks are available on our Website in the School Zone. Just print them out and make copies for your students. You can also order previous Carnival Effigies and posters by writing to reception@carnaval.qc.ca. You will be charged $0.12 per Effigy, plus shipment.

  • Can I warm up anywhere?

    All our sites are outdoors, so most activities take place outside. However, you can warm up at several locations. 

    Details regarding the 2019 edition are to be determined.

  • I’d like to see Bonhomme during the Carnival. Where should I go?

    Bonhomme attends all major Carnival activities, including the special weekend activities (e.g., the Night Parades, the Canoe Race, the St-Hubert Snow Bath, etc.). He travels the sites throughout the Carnival. For more information, head to the Info-Carnaval kiosk at the Loto-Québec Zone.

  • Where are the Carnival sites?

    All these sites are in the middle of Old Quebec City. More details to come.

  • What are the routes of the two Night Parades?

    Starting next year, a new, more modern formula will feature two Saturday Parades on a denser, 2.5 km course over Grande Allée.

  • Can I eat on site?

    Details to come.

  • Is there special access for the mobility-impaired?

    No special access routes are available to the mobility-impaired as all our sites are outdoors. Nonetheless, to ensure easy and secure access to our sites, snow and ice will be cleared from all routes leading to the various activities. Mobility impaired persons are allowed on our sites, but the terrain may be difficult to traverse. For security reasons, all motorized vehicles are prohibited on Carnival sites. Also note that the Quebec Winter Carnival is a partner of the Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker for the National Capital region. If you have special needs, please write to us to let us know.

  • Where can I buy Carnival ornaments and souvenirs?

    Carnival souvenirs and ornaments are available year around at the Carnaval's office. During the event, shops will offer Carnival products at various sites.

  • I’d like to go to the Carnival. Which weekend would suit me best?

    The program of the 2019 edition has not yet been announced. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and to learn the schedule of the Carnival sites as soon as it’s announced.

  • Can I bring my dog to the Carnival sites?

    Dogs are allowed outdoors on Carnival sites. However, your animal must be on a leash and you must keep an eye on it at all times. However, animals are not allowed inside closed pavilions.

  • Is it possible to rent or buy a costume of Bonhomme?

    No costume of Bonhomme is available for renting or buying. For any other souvenir, please visit our boutique at the Carnaval's office or the Carnaval souvenir shops during the event.

  • What is the schedule of Carnival sites?

    The program of the 2019 edition has not yet been announced. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and to learn the schedule of the Carnival sites as soon as it’s announced.

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