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What are the Duchesses

Duchesses are the greatest ambassadors of Quebec's Carnival with Bonhomme. They proudly embody the magic and the joys of winter. Each year, seven young women are appointed Duchesses through a rigorous selection process. Throughout the event, they represent the interests of a Duchy - specific sector of the Quebec region - and Carnival values. Their mandate? Spreading the party and create the sense of belonging of citizens to their Duchy by the sale of the candle.

Why Become a Duchess?

For an extraordinary and enriching professional experience, to develop your network, to take part in a trade mission, to donate funds to a cause, to become the ambassador of the Candle, to meet six other young women who share your goals and values, and much more.

Each Duchess is granted a $2,000 expense allowance to cover eventual revenue losses and various expenses pertaining to the mandate.

Description of the contest

The Quebec Winter Carnival is looking for seven ambitious, creative and passionate young women to become the Duchesses of the Carnival. One Duchess will become Queen of the 2018 edition on the night of the Crowning.

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Association to a Cause

Become a Duchess to contribute significantly to the funding of a cause dear to you by granting it a percentage of the Carnival Candle sales. This is your chance to leave a legacy for a organization of your choice after your stint as a Duchess, all while helping to spread the word about the largest winter carnival on Earth.

Leader of the Candle Selling Campaign

Sale of the Carnival Candle is a tradition in the greater Quebec City area. This important source of funding supports the Carnival and many organizations of various fields in their activities.

Together with the Carnival’s team and the Candle Committee, you will lead the Candle campaign in the Duchy attributed to you. You will have to stand out through original communication, recruitment and marketing strategies. You also must be rigorous, as your campaign results will be judged and could help you become Queen of the Carnival. Indeed, the Candle campaign results influence the draw for the new Queen: the more capsules a Duchess has for the Crowning Ceremony draw, the better her chances to become Queen.

The number of capsules granted to each Duchess depends on three precise criteria:

  • the percentage of the Candle sales target her Duchy has achieved;
  • the share of Candle sales in her Duchy for which she is directly responsible;
  • a bonus lot is granted by a jury based on its general appreciation of a Duchess’ Candle campaign.

Participate in a trade mission abroad in October

Thanks to the collaboration of Groupe Voyage Québec, you have the chance to live a real professional experience. You will coordinate and prepare a publicity event and work on preparing a presentation you need to do with the various stakeholders of the travel industry. The purpose of these actions will be to promote Quebec City areas and the Carnival as a tourist destination.

Duchesses will deploy in their duchy, but also in the white crown of Quebec and elsewhere in the province, in order to invite the public to attend the Bonhomme's party! They will create a momentum and will convey the spirit of the festival in several regions such as the Mauricie, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, the Centre-du-Québec, the Lower St. Lawrence and the Montreal metropolitan area.

Take part in a trade mission

Thanks to Groupe Voyages Québec, you’ll have the chance to live a true professional experience: a trade mission. On site, you might be asked to promote our region to the media, influencers and tourism stakeholders. Your goal is to bolster the Carnival’s and Quebec City’s reputations as prime tourism destinations. You must be available for this mission to sign up for as a Duchess, as participation is mandatory. Dates are to be announced shortly.

Tour Some Regions of Quebec

The Duchesses will invite people to join Bonhomme’s festivities in their Duchy, but also all over the greater Quebec City area and even elsewhere in the province. They were create momentum for the Carnival and will transmit its festive spirit in many areas.

Selection Process

The Duchesses selection process has four steps.

First, send us your resume and fill in the Duchesses registration form.

Then, you will be convened to a first round of interviews in two parts before a jury: individual interviews and group interviews.

Once is first round is done, the jury will retain 21 candidates who must then attend an evening information session sometime during the week preceding a second round of interviews. This session is mandatory and all finalists must attend. Remaining candidates will then be convened to a second round of 30-minute individual interviews, once again before a jury. This second jury consists of a president and a panel of businesswomen from the greater Quebec City area. 

Eligibility criteria

This year each Duchess will identify a cause that is dear to her. In the event that she is elected Queen, money will be given to this cause through the collaboration of Young Philanthropists of Quebec.

Selection criteria

  • Aged between 18 and 35 years
  • Available and determined (travel and busy schedule)
  • Entrepreneurial qualities
  • Leader
  • Excellent communicator
  • Presence, charisma and diplomacy
  • Sense of celebration
  • Grand persuasiveness
  • Good general culture and knowledge
  • Clever with social media
  • Altruistic and community values (philanthropist)
  • Ability to work in a team project
  • Good ambassador
  • Excellent stress management

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