The Jury

The jury is a panel of women who know how to stand out and are known as important leaders in their field. The jury changes each year. Here is a presentation of the 2017 jury:

Camille Dg, President of the Jury

One woman left quite an impression on the Quebec Winter Carnival organization: Camille Dg, founding president of the Codmorse web content and strategy agency, and founder and editor in chief of Le Cahier, a blog boasting 67,000 followers on Facebook alone. Each day, fifty-odd collaborators publish at least 5 new articles on Le Cahier and its English equivalent, The Booklet. Ms. Dg also produced a TV show version of her blog for 3 years on MATV. Le Cahier and Codmorse have both been hugely successful ever since their launch and continue to tackle scores of projects. As an entrepreneur, show host, journalist and nominee for the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award, Camille Dg is the archetype of today’s determined, passionate, brilliant, dauntless and trendsetting woman. At just 29 years of age, she has definitely left her mark on the world of media and communications.

First Jury

  • Vicky Béland, Marketing Assistant, Laurier Québec
  • Serge Drouin, Journalist
  • Élyse Bordeleau, Director of Operations, La Serre LR
  • Martine Plante, Director of Operations, Groupe Restos Plaisirs
  • Étienne Dubois, Senior, Deloitte, Vice-president cash in, Jeunes Philanthropes de Québec
  • Annie Fernandez, President and Senior Strategist, Fernandez Communication
  • Marie-Josée Turcotte, Editor, Prestige
  • Danny Vézina, Accompanist of Bonhomme Carnaval
  • Marie-Andrée Blanchet, Advisor — Public Relations and Events, Port Québec

Final Jury

  • Camille Dg, President of the jury, blogger and president of Codmorse
  • Christine Dufour, President of Sinisco
  • Mélanie Racine, Director of human resources for Groupe F. Dufresne
  • Chantale Coulombe, Vice-president of QuébéComm
  • Natasha Desbiens, Executive director of the Association hôtelière de la région de Québec

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