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Partners —  Words from dignitaries

Message from the Prime Minister of Canada

First of all, thank you to all those who contributed to the organization of this great winter event, which took on a whole new form for its 67th edition. With each edition, the Québec Winter Carnival has become a must-see event in the country. This great tradition, in the heart of beautiful Quebec City, has created unforgettable moments for so many families. I myself have childhood memories of it with my father and memories with Sophie and the children when we went there a few years ago. And even if this new edition will take place differently, we will still enjoy the pleasures and traditions of the Carnival while continuing to follow public health guidelines. My friends, put on your red clothes and arrow sashes, get out your caribou recipes and sing “Salut Bonhomme” at home. And I’m sure the Carnival will warm your hearts once again this winter. To all: Happy Carnival! And take care of yourself.

The most hon. Justin P. J. Trudeau, C.P., MP; Prime Minister of Canada

Message from the Premier of Québec


The Québec Winter Carnival is certainly one of the world’s most famous winter festivals. Every year, for 67 years now, the organizers of the Carnival have been putting their creativity and energy to work to delight us and to warm our hearts in the depth of winter. Fortunately for us, it seems that nothing can stifle this wonderful energy. Despite the pandemic, the Carnival’s organizing committee has been able to adapt its programming, particularly by transposing the magic of the Carnival onto the Web. It is offering virtual shows during which, for a few moments, artists will transform red zones into areas of festivity, right in your own home. The population of Québec City will also be able to admire more than one hundred snow and ice sculptures that will liven up the city’s neighbourhoods and place the talent of our sculptors in the spotlight. I wholeheartedly invite you to take part and enjoy these few days of festivities, in compliance with the health rules. Do not hesitate to stroll along the streets of our magnificent national capital to discover the unique works of art with which they will be embellished for the occasion.

Happy Winter Carnival!

François Legault Prime Minister of Quebec