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The 66th Québec Winter Carnival will take place February 7–16, 2020.
At souvenir and merchandise boutiques set up at Carnival sites during the event (February 7–16, 2020). You can also purchase these items throughout the year in the boutique located at our Québec Winter Carnival offices (open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.).
The sites are located in the heart of Old Quebec. In 2019, the main sites were the Parc de la Francophonie and Place George-V, but some activities took place elsewhere.
The Carnival Effigy, a plastic image of Bonhomme Carnaval that you can attach to your coat, is your ticket to most of the 10 days of activities. In 2019, the early-bird price of the Effigy was $10 including taxes. The Effigy was available online and in participating Couche-Tard stores across the greater Quebec City area (regular price: $15, taxes included). It was also available for the same price at the entrance to Carnival sites during the event. Effigy sales are the Carnival’s main source of funding.
Bonhomme Carnaval attends all major Carnival activities, including the special weekend activities (e.g., Parades, Canoe Race, Snow Bath, etc.). He also walks around the sites throughout the Carnival, spending a lot of time at the Loto-Québec Royal Court.
Since all of our sites are outdoors there is no special access available for people with impaired mobility. However, to ensure safety and accessibility, we clear the accesses to all of our activities. People with impaired mobility may enter the sites, but it may be difficult to get around. For safety reasons, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Carnival sites. The Québec Winter Carnival is proud to implement the Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker for the Quebec City area. If you have any special needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Outside meals are not allowed, because the Carnival has its own food offer on the sites to meet your needs.
Dogs are not allowed on Carnival sites.
Since the sites are outdoors, almost all the activities take place outdoors. However, in 2019, people were able to warm up in Jos’ Cabin at Jos’ Camp presented by Videotron and at Bistro SAQ in the Loto-Québec Zone. The places where you can warm up at Carnival 2020 will be updated in the winter of 2020!
Game booklets are available on our website in the Teachers section. Simply print them out and make copies for your students. You can also order past Effigies and posters by emailing Old Effigies cost $0.25 each plus shipping.
Call 1-866-422-7628 for information about the Carnival. To reserve a hotel room or to obtain specific information about your stay, call 1-877-783-1608. You can also visit the Quebec City Tourism, Tourisme Québec and Groupe Voyages Québec websites to plan your stay. During the event, you can also visit our Info-Carnaval kiosk on Grande Allée.
The 2020 program will be available online as of December 2019 in the Program section of our website. As of mid-January 2020, a paper version of the program will also be available at the Carnival offices and in various display stands across the Quebec City area.
A changing table is available in the Bistro SAQ. Strollers are allowed but discouraged for safety (snow-covered sites) and accessibility (difficulty getting around in crowds) reasons.
Not only is Bonhomme unique, he’s also made entirely of snow! So not surprisingly, there are no Bonhomme costumes for sale or rent. For any other Carnival souvenirs, we invite you to visit the Carnival Boutique or purchase our products on site during the event.
Items allowed at the Sapporo EDM evening event include: · Crushable plastic water bottles · Disposable or non-professional cameras and non-professional digital cameras · Small backpacks or handbags · Guide dogs or service dogs · Light snacks in a flexible container · Binoculars · Prescription medications Items banned at the Sapporo EDM evening event include: · Alcohol · Drugs or related accessories · Chairs · Edged or blunt weapons · Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) · Accessories with decorative studs or bullets · Any type of bat, stick or ball · Glass bottles · Cans · Video equipment, drones or professional cameras · Fireworks or firecrackers · Water guns · Coolers. thermoses, flasks or rigid plastic, glass or metal containers · Large, camping-style backpacks · Musical instruments · Megaphones · Any items intended for sale/promotion, except with written and signed permission from the Québec Winter Carnival · Inflatable objects (dinghy, life buoy, etc.) · Camera stands, selfie sticks, tripods or similar items · Laser pointers · Tents · Umbrellas · Strollers · Audio recorders
The Parade route will be announced in the winter of 2020. Follow us on our social networks!
Of course! Effigies from the previous year are available at a cost of $ 0.25 each (shipping costs excluded). To place an order, you can call 418-626-3716 or write to For example, some school boards wish to have Effigies for their Carnival and Effigies are also collected by some people.