It's up to you! The first weekend kicks off the celebrations with the Ice Canoe Race and the first of two Parades, but the second weekend features its own set of amazing activities. Check out the full program for more information.
Dogs are barred from the Loto-Québec Zone. However, they are allowed in the outdoors areas of Jos' Camp Presented by Videotron. Please note that your animal must be on a leash and that you must always keep an eye on it.
The five scenes each feature a unique performance. They travel along Grande Allée from avenue des Érables to place George-V, stopping periodically at six chosen stations for simultaneous five-minute shows. Once the scenes set off for the next station, roving performances temporarily take over to entertain spectators.
Our sites are found at the heart of Old Quebec. Our main sites are the parc de la Francophonie and place George-V, but several activities take place elsewhere. For more information, check out the sites map.
Bonhomme attends all major Carnival activities, including the special weekend activities (e.g. the Parades, the Canoe Race, the Snow Bath, etc.). He also visits the sites throughout the Carnival, chiefly the Loto-Québec Royal Court. For more information, refer to the program or head to the Info-Carnaval kiosk on Grande Allée.
The Carnival Effigy if your ticket for 10 days of celebrations on our major sites. This small plastic model of Bonhomme Carnaval is designed to be hung on your coat. Effigy sales are the Carnival's main source of funding. The Effigy is available on presale for $10 (taxes included) online and in participating Couche-Tard locations of the Quebec City region until December 31, 2018. Past this date, it will remain on sale for $15 (taxes included).
The 65th edition of the Quebec Winter Carnival will take place from February 8 to 17, 2019.
At the souvenir shops set up on the Carnival sites during the event (February 8 to 17, 2019). Ornaments and souvenirs are also available year-round at the Carnival boutique inside our offices (open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.).
No special access routes are available for mobility-impaired persons as all our sites are outdoors. Nonetheless, to ensure easy and secure access to our sites, snow and ice is cleared from all routes leading to our various activities. Mobility-impaired persons are allowed on our sites, but may have to contend with difficult terrain. For security reasons, all motorized vehicles are barred from Carnival sites. The Quebec Winter Carnival is proud to implement the Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker for the National Capital region. If you have special needs, please write to us and let us know.
We tolerate lunches/snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on Carnival sites, but drinking or eating outside food is not allowed in areas where foodstuffs are sold (Jos' Cabin at Jos' Camp Presented by Videotron, and the SAQ Bistro at the Loto-Québec Zone). These sales points offer various foods and beverages.
All our sites are outdoors, so most activities take place outside. However, you can warm up inside Jos' Cabin at Jos' Camp Presented by Videotron, and inside the SAQ Bistro at the Loto-Québec Zone.
Some game booklets are available in the Teachers section of our website. Simply print them out and copy them for your students. You may also order posters and Effigies from previous Carnivals by emailing Old Effigies are available for $0.12 per unit, plus shipment costs.
Call 1 866 422-7628 for any inquiry regarding the Carnival. For a hotel reservation or if you need more specific information to plan your stay, call 1 877 783-1608. When planning your stay, consider browsing the websites of Québec City Tourism, Tourisme Québec and Groupe Voyages Québec. During the event, information is also available at the Info-Carnaval kiosk on Grande Allée.
Our program is available online in the Program section of our website. A paper version will be released in mid-January and will be available at the Carnival offices and from various display stands across the Quebec City region.
Not only is Bonhomme unique, he’s made entirely of snow! As you might expect, this means no Bonhomme costume is available for rental or sale.