A Thrilling Virtual Program[1]  

Festive themed evenings, a way to warm up after a day spent outdoors, as well as a family program on Sunday mornings will be presented, to be watched seated comfortably in front of your screen on the Carnival YouTube Channel! Hosted by Virginie Gagnon and the friendliest co-host, the King of the Party Bonhomme Carnaval, the Carnival YouTube Channel will offer a variety of content that will appeal to all tastes!  

Friday, February 5 at 7 PM - #ColdOrNot, It’s Hot in the Cabin! – Presented by Videotron 

They will be dancing at home during this crazy evening, which will bring out memories of the fun and festive atmosphere of the popular Jos’ Camp! On the schedule: Opening ceremony, a show by Émile Bilodeau with an exclusive interview presented by WKND 91.9, jig with the group En 2 Temps and a traditional tale told by Francis Désilets. 

Saturday February 6 at 7 PM - #ColdOrNot, Let’s Play! – Presented by Videotron 

Turn your living room into a playroom during this crazy night out! The evening kicks off in style with The Carnival with Marto Napoli, where two competitors compete in exciting challenges, followed by a Carnival quiz hosted by La Revanche, in which Carnival visitors can participate remotely, and ending with a Punch Club match, with Fabiola Aladin and Nicolas Drolet competing in a game of musical improvisations. 

Sunday February 7 at 7 AM - #ColdOrNot, Wake Up – Presented by the Government of Quebec 

Every kid’s favourite traveller, Arthur L’aventurier, and Bonhomme Carnaval tell the story of a winter adventure for young families! In song, Arthur L'aventurier explains how he managed to find Bonhomme Carnaval who had wandered off to the Great North. Arthur also shares his knowledge about animals and winter activities! Families will be transported in this beautiful adventure filled with rhythmic songs that warm the heart! 

Thursday, February 11 at 7 PM - #ColdOrNot, We Get Nostalgic! – Presented by Videotron 

After 66 Carnivals, there is so much to be said about the world’s biggest Winter Carnival! We have planned a trip into the past with Carnival memories and a retrospective of the archives with special guests, including historian Jean Provencher.   

Friday, February 12 from 7 PM - #ColdOrNot, We Happy Hour! – Presented by SAQ 

Carnival visitors are invited to join this evening event, glass in hand, that will appeal to epicureans, with mixology workshops presented by Ungava Spirits and hosted by Patrice Plante aka Monsieur Cocktail, a winter BBQ with the team from Boucan, and a show and exclusive interview with Clay and Friends presented by WKND 91.9! Warning: The organizers strongly advise everyone to plan a dance floor in their living rooms, as a sudden urge to boogie down may overcome you at any time. 

Saturday, February 13 at 7 PM - #ColdOrNot, We Talk 

For this last virtual evening, the Carnival will present exclusive interviews on subjects that are both interesting and diverse. First, the Winter Fanatics interviews in collaboration with Tourisme Jacques-Cartier will feature courageous people who don’t blink in the face of danger! Around an outdoor fire in the magnificent Jacques-Cartier region, guests Billy Rioux (winter survival in bushcraft mode), Sébastien Zappa (Wim Hof method), Jeane Beaumont-Lapointe (ice canoe), Alexandre Lemerise (fatbike) and François-Guy Thivierge (mountaineering) discuss a passion that unites them all: winter! And because everything is more interesting when it is being discussed by a drag queen, the evening will finish with a bang with the exclusive talk show We Drag and Talk, filmed at Le Drague Cabaret Club. Don’t miss the incredible stories and spectacular performances by the guest drag queens (The host Gabry Elle, Kiara, Lady Boom Boom et Jojo Bones)! 

Sunday, February 14 from 7 AM - #ColdOrNot, Wake Up – Presented by the Government of Quebec 

Ari Cui Cui invites her little snowflakes to visit her universe filled with magic, rhythm and education! Accompanied by Bonhomme Carnaval and her friend the Joyful Baker, she will get the entire family moving, dancing, singing and making crafts, and will even tell a very special story joined by Bonhomme! 

[1] Virtual program presented in French only.