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You can bring snacks to our sites. We also invite you to encourage local merchants near our sites if you’re hungry!  

The Carnival Grog and Bonhomme's Syrup

The legendary grog is a hot and often alcoholic drink once used as a remedy for the flu. No wonder the Carnival grog is so good at relieving you from the frosty weather! This delicious drink is made of Bonhomme’s Syrup, a special creation by Monsieur Cocktail that features maple syrup, pure cranberry juice, cinnamon, cloves and sweet grass (Quebec’s own vanilla).

Why not make your own grog at home? You simply need to buy the requisite ingredients and to follow the recipe below. Bonhomme’s Syrup is available for $12.99 in select IGA stores and on Monsieur Cocktail’s online store.

Carnival Grog Recipe

½ oz of Chic Choc spiced rum

½ oz of Ungava gin

½ oz of Bonhomme’s Syrup

4 oz of hot water