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Eat & Drink

Feeling hungry from all your adventures? Looking for a little pick-me-up to fend off the cold? The Carnival has everything you need for a bit of a kick!

The Carnival Grog and Bonhomme’s Syrup

The legendary grog is a hot and often alcoholic drink once used as a remedy for the flu. No wonder the Carnival grog is so good at relieving you from the frosty weather! This delicious drink is made of Bonhomme’s Syrup, a special creation by Monsieur Cocktail that features maple syrup, pure cranberry juice, cinnamon, cloves and sweet grass (Quebec’s own vanilla).

Get your Carnival grog at the Unibroue Cabin, at the SAQ Bistro or at the Cabot Trail Bar. Wherever you go, it’s served in a souvenir mug you can add to your collection.

Why not make your own grog at home? You simply need to buy the requisite ingredients and to follow the recipe below. Bonhomme’s Syrup is available for $12.99 in select IGA stores and on Monsieur Cocktail’s online store.

Carnival Grog Recipe

½ oz of Chic Choc spiced rum

½ oz of Ungava gin

½ oz of Bonhomme’s Syrup

4 oz of hot water

SAQ Bistro—Loto-Québec Zone

The SAQ Bistro offers you a festive and welcoming atmosphere, musical entertainment and a menu featuring snacks, the Carnival grog, wines, cocktails and other SAQ products. At the outdoors bar, you can get most drinks served in an ice glass and enjoy them by a toasty fire.

The SAQ Bistro also features a comforting menu to keep you going: French onion soup, homemade corn dogs, chicken & waffle, mac ‘n cheese croquettes and the famous Quebec poutine!The SAQ Bistro also features a comforting menu to keep you going: French onion soup, vegetarian chili, European hot dog, smoked meat and the famous Quebec poutine!

Unibroue Cabin—Jos’ Camp by Videotron

Savor a Unibroue beer and enjoy a comforting hot cheese fondue with your friends at the Unibroue Cabin. There’s no better place to tell Carnival stories and legends. At the outdoors ice bar, you can get most drinks served in an ice glass!

During the weekend, why not observe sculptors at work at the Ice Sculpting Workshops that take place on the terrace adjacent to the Cabin? When you buy a Unibroue beer at the Cabin, you might even win a participation to one of these popular workshops.

Are you looking for a snack that won’t force you to pause your Carnival adventure? The Carnival cheese fondue to go is exactly what you need.

Bar le Coureur des bois —Jos’ Camp by Videotron

This Bar le Coureur des bois-themed Ice Bar shines the limelight on the Carnival Grog and on the best Ungava Spirits Co. products, such as Chic Choc rum, Coureur des bois cream and whisky, Ungava gin and Quartz vodka. You can even get your drinks served in an ice glass!

Don't miss the cocktail creation Happy Hours from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday to Friday. Come discover various Quebec mixologists and their creations based on local ingredients.

Beaver Tails—Loto-Québec Zone

Here’s one Quebec delicacy you can’t afford to miss! These delicious fried dough treats please the young and not-so-young alike, all year round. A presentation of BeaverTails, the uncontested specialists.

Godin Family Sugar Shack—Jos’ Camp by Videotron 

No stay at the Carnival is truly complete without a stick of maple taffy, a sugar shack classic brought to us by Cabane à sucre Godin. All you need to enjoy this dose of pure joy is a wooden stick, some snow, heavenly maple syrup and the teensiest empty corner inside your stomach!

Oreo Food Truck—Christie North Slope

Stop by the Oreo Food Truck to enjoy some delicious treats for as little as $3. Try out the donuts, the fried Oreo cookies or the s'mores!

Premium Plus Soup Shack—Christie North Slope

Come warm up at the Premium Plus Soup Shack, which offers comforting soups and warm drinks for as little as $3. Each soup includes delicious Premium Plus crackers!

Pick your favorite among chicken soup with bacon bits, vegetarian vegetable cream featuring an onion straw, or pea and bacon soup, then complete your meal with hot chocolate, coffee or fortified coffee.

SAQ Ice Bar

Visit the outdoors Ice Bar near the SAQ Bistro to buy a delicious pick-me-up served in an ice glass! Enjoy some time to sit down comfortably and warm up in the seats surrounding braziers.

The Ice Bar features the unmistakable Carnival Grog, a wide selection of SAQ products and the very best from Ungava Spirits Co.: Chic Choc rum, Cabot Trail cream and whisky, Ungava gin and Quartz vodka.