The Carnival


The Carnival has created a Sanitary Measures Guide with the support-advice service of the Direction régionale de la Santé publique. The actions taken and our deployment scenarios in the field will be adjusted according to the alert level issued by the Government of Québec. If the region is in a red zone, then a mostly virtual program will be offered, supported by viewing elements such as the sculpture route and the experiential ice towers. However, if the region is in a lower alert level, several outdoor activities will be deployed on the field, always with a series of established sanitary rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Our measures have received a positive notice of compliance. 


An Exciting Program in the Commercial Streets of Quebec City 

To adapt to the new realities of physical distancing, we have completely revised the concept of the Quebec Winter Carnival. In 2021, the event will take place on many sites located near main commercial streets and with reduced capacity. 

Compliance with Health Directives 

A health plan has been put in place by event organizers with the objective of complying with the standards issued by La Santé publique, to allow the Carnival to hold outdoor events on sites with a visitor capacity that allows for physical distancing of 2 metres between participants who do not live at the same address, while limiting the maximum capacity to 250 people within the site perimeter. 



Communications Leading Up to the Event 

o   Leading up to the event, communications to the general public concerning health measures put in place by the organization during the event will be done through various media platforms, such as the website, social media and newsletters 

o   Reminders will be posted on the event website of the symptoms to be aware of, and that may call into question the right of enter our sites, and that only 1 positive response to these symptoms may justify refusal to enter. 

Welcoming Festival Visitors on the Sites 

-Monitoring of distancing as soon as festival visitors are in the line up to access sites: 

o   Fences/posts with rope to delimit the line ups and signs with reminders of health instructions to be observed for the 2-metre distance between participants who do not live at the same address 

o   Reminders of the symptoms to be aware of and that may call into question the right to enter our sites, and that only 1 positive response to the following questions may justify refusal to enter: 

o   Signs explaining the sanitary measures to be observed inside the sites 

o   Hand sanitizer available at the entrances/exits with instruction signs for hand washing 

o   Staff on site to welcome festival visitors and remind them of the health standards in place 

Checking bags

o   In case of doubt, if a search is necessary, a request will be made to the festival visitor to open her/his bag themselves to avoid handling by security guards 

Capacity of Sites 

Monitoring of entrance and exit to maintain the limit to the maximum capacity allowed of visitors on the sites: 

o   A single entrance and a single official exit to allow for better monitoring (additional emergency exits will be planned in the event of a site evacuation) 

o   Real-time count of festival visitors at each site during opening hours 

o   Welcoming staff present at various entrances to ensure proper functioning and compliance with the maximum capacity of the site 

Circulation on Sites 

o   Each site will have a circulation direction arranged in a way that respects distancing, while allowing visitors to enjoy the activities on the site 

o   Signs will be installed at strategic locations as reminders of health standards, and to reassure and guide festival visitors: 

§  Direction of circulation indicated on the site with directional signs 

§  Mandatory hand disinfection 

§  Respect of 2-metre distancing 

§  Wearing face masks inside temporary buildings 

§  Etc. 

Specific Protocol for Different Activities and Services Offered on the Sites 

In addition to the general measures planned for each site, a specific protocol will be put in place for each of the activities offered on the event sites: 

Measures specific to activities accessible by ticketing: 

§   The same welcoming and circulation measures on the sites, mentioned above for all the sites, will be applied 

§   A recorded message will be broadcast or verbally communicated upon arrival of festival visitors and before each performance as a reminder of the distancing measures in effect 

§   Creation of zones for spectators inside the site if needed 

§   Presence of a manager for each zone to ensure compliance with the health standards in effect 

Non-contact program activities: 

§  A specific line up created for each activity with a reminder of the health measures in effect using a specific sign for the activity 

§   Welcome staff in place to manage the line up for the activity 

Program activities that require the handling of objects or accessories: 

§  A specific line up for each activity, with a reminder of the health measures in effect using a specific sign for the activity 

§   Welcome staff in place to manage the line up for the activity 

§   Protocol in place to ensure disinfection of objects, accessories and surfaces that are handled. Disinfection will be carried out by the activity manager before and after each participant’s visit 

Bars  / food booths / booths that group together related products, information and ticketing : 

§   A specific line up for each activity, with a reminder of the health measures in effect using a specific sign for the activity 

§   Prioritize online purchases for the ticket office through a presale rate, put in place by the organization 

§   Prioritize non-contact payment during transactions, cash will still be accepted on the sites 

§   Presence of a physical barrier (plexiglass) between customers and service staff when possible 

§   Wearing of personal protective equipment by service staff at all times: 

-  Procedure mask 

-  Protective glasses or visor 

§   Hand disinfectant provided for customers before and after transactions 

§   Disinfection of non-contact payment devices after each use 

§   Disinfection of service surfaces (counters, etc.) on a regular basis, every 15 minutes 

§   When being implemented, a follow-up will be done to ensure that the CNESST instructions regarding catering are respected. The Internet kit will be shared and consulted in advance 


o   Visitors must disinfect hands before and after each use of the toilets available on the site 

o   Only 1 person in a toilet at a time 

o   Specific sign for toilets as a reminder of the sanitary standards in place 

o   Regular disinfection of toilets, every 4 hours 

First aid local: 

o   Disinfection of surfaces and equipment before and after each treatment 

o   Obligatory wearing of procedure mask and protective glasses or visor for staff 

o   Obligatory wearing of a face cover for festival visitors who come for treatment (except for emergency manoeuvres) 

o   Restricted access: reserved only for staff and people being treated 

Presence of Symptoms 

o   If a festival visitor, volunteer or employee develops symptoms, they will be asked to leave the premises quickly and call the COVID-19 phone line to receive instructions (1-877-644-4545) 


A health measures guide will also be issued for staff, suppliers and volunteers, including the introduction of a symptom self-assessment tool and specific training in the health measures implemented and occupational health and safety standards.