• When should I register?

    You can register year-round using the registration form. We will keep your form in our files for the next Carnival. From September onward is actually the best time to register.

  • Are there a minimum number of hours for the volunteer work?

    Québec Winter Carnival volunteers may offer their services for only a few days; however, to ensure that this huge event runs smoothly, with the exception of one-time activities, volunteers must be available for a minimum of 4 hours per day over a 2-day period.

  • If I register as a volunteer, am I free to take part in all Carnival activities?

    Yes. With your first assignment you will receive an effigy, your ticket to all Carnival sites and shows.
    All Quebec Winter Carnival volunteers also get:

    • A Bonhomme pin
    • Special discounts at the boutique
    • An invitation to the activity “Bonhomme celebrates his volunteers”
    • Free hot beverages at the Bistro
    • “Info-Carnaval” newsletter (two issues)
    • An invitation to the volunteers’ party
    • Door prizes at the volunteers’ party.

  • What time does the working day start and end for volunteers?

    Your schedule will depend on the activity and the needs of the committee.

  • Will volunteers be fed?

    Depending on the schedule and the type of assignment, certain volunteers will have access to meal services or snacks.

  • Once I register as a volunteer, what is the next step?

    Once your application has been saved in our system via the carnaval.qc.ca website, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. Then the president of the committee you have a chosen will contact you.

  • If I come from outside the Quebec City area, will you be able to provide me with lodging during the Carnival?

    Unfortunately, no accommodation facilities are available.

  • Who can I contact to find out more or to make changes to my file?

    You can contact the Carnival office any time by calling 418-626-3716.