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Contest photo for Virtual St-Hubert snow bath Challenge

Virtual St-Hubert snow bath Challenge

Take the Dare and Dive into the VIRTUAL ST-HUBERT SNOW BATH CHALLENGE! 

Bonhomme is looking for generous and courageous souls who are ready to face the cold and do the virtual St-Hubert Snow Bath with him! In exchange, he will make donations to help warm up two organizations in Quebec City. This year, Bonhomme’s Carnival will provide 100 hot meals to Le Pignon Bleu courtesy of St-Hubert, and 100 new sets of winter accessories to people from Lauberivière. He is also inviting all his Carnival visitors to contribute to these two organizations. 

Nothing scares you: take the Challenge and make a donation at the same time! Guaranteed fun and cool times, and you have a chance to win a night stay for two at the Quebec Hôtel Château Laurier, an access for two to the nordique Strøm spa  and the complete kit to concoct your Carnaval Ponce at home (including a bottle of Ungava).


  • Put on your swimsuit or summer clothes  

  • Film yourself taking the snow bath in your yard 

  • You must stay in the snow at least 5 seconds for the challenge to be considered a success 

  • Post your video using #BainDeNeigeStHub on Facebook or Instagram so that your entry can be traced – only public posts will be able to access the contest 

  • After your challenge, identify 3 people of your choice who will have to get wet for the cause and don't forget to fill in the form right here! 

The winner will be announced on Monday, February 15, the day after the 67th Quebec Winter Carnival, in collaboration with Loto-Québec, on our Facebook page and Instagram Account! 


  •  By posting his video online, the participant acknowledges that he releases the Quebec Winter Carnival organization and the activity sponsor, St-Hubert, from all liability for any risks incurred during his participation in the Snow Bath 2021, namely the risk of frostbitevarious injuries or the loss or theft of his property and belongings  

  • The participant will determine for himself if he is in good health. Please note that this activity is not recommended for people suffering from heart problems      

  • This activity is reserved for participants 18 years of age and older  

  • The participant agrees to respect public health instructions according to the alert level issued at the time of the challenge.           

  • The Carnival does not recommend exposure to the cold for a longer period of time than prescribed in the challenge and recommends that participants warm up indoors following the challenge.   

* The contest ends on 11/02/2021

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