The Carnival

Contest photo for Concours VIP Soirée hip-hop Pepsi

Concours VIP Soirée hip-hop Pepsi

*Concours terminé, merci à tous d'avoir participé!

Courez la chance de gagner une place VIP pour la Soirée hip-hop Pepsi! 

La terrasse VIP vous garantit un accès au site pour voir Alaclair Ensemble et FouKi et QuietMike, un service de bar gratuit et des Effigies!

Nous faisons tirer 16 passes valides pour 4 personnes. 

Pour augmenter vos chances de gagner, rendez-vous sur notre page Instagram ou celle de Bonhomme ou sur notre page Facebook.

* The contest ends on 24/01/2020

Contest photo for Hydro-Quebec VIP Parade Contest

Hydro-Quebec VIP Parade Contest

You could win a VIP experience during the Hydro-Québec Parade! We will draw 21 ticket for 4 people for the Parade on February 8 and 25 tickets for 4 people for the Parade on February 15.

The prize includes:

- Seats in the VIP stands

- Carnival blanket

- Non-alcoholic drink

To increase your chances of winning, go to our Facebook page, our Instagram page or Bonhomme’s.

Consult the rules here.

* The contest ends on 31/01/2020

Contest photo for Loterie Quartiers & Saveurs

Loterie Quartiers & Saveurs

You could win the opportunity to eat at one of Quebec City’s restaurants each week for a year! One lucky winner will take home the $6,550 grand prize of the Carnival’s quartiers et saveurs lottery: a chance to try out the cuisine of one of our 52 participating restaurants each week! Purchase your ticket for this lottery featuring restaurants from the Quebec City area. You might get your hands on 52 gift certificates worth $100 to $150 each. Only 700 tickets are available, so don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Second prize: $500 gift certificate at Grand Marché de Québec

Third prize: $250 gift certificate at Atelier & Saveurs Québec

Raffle to be held on February 18, 2020 at 11:30 a.m.

The online sale of tickets will soon begin on our website. Stay tuned!

* The contest ends on 16/02/2020