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Les bénévoles du Carnaval


Did you know that every year, several hundred volunteers get involved in the Quebec Winter Carnival?


Our various committees

  • Fundraising Activities Committee
  • One-time Activities Committee
  • Logistics and On-Site Customer Service Committee
  • Services Committees
  • Information Committee
  • Fundraising Activities Committee
  • Information Committee
  • Logistics and On-Site Customer Service Committee
  • One-time Activities Committee
  • Services Committees

Why not you?

Become a volunteer for the Carnival—an exceptional experience awaits you! You can choose from several committees. Sign up now and join our dynamic team!

Why become a volunteer for the Carnival?

  • To take on responsibilities suited to your skills, potential and interests
  • To gain new experience and knowledge
  • To develop your network of friends and contacts
  • To be part of the heart and soul of this international festive event
  • To help Carnival goers!

Frequently asked questions

You may register any time using our registration form since we keep all applications even if the volunteer team is full for the current year. The best time to register, however, is as of September.
You are not required to be available all the time. However, for logistical reasons, you must be available for at least 1 full shift which is around 6 hours.
Yes. At your first assignment, you will be given proof of accreditation that grants you access to all Carnival sites and events. You may use it at any time when you are not on duty. All Carnival volunteers also get a volunteer’s pin, special discounts at the “Boutique de Bonhomme,” and an invitation to take part in various activities including the Volunteer Recognition Evening.
Volunteers’ work shifts vary depending on the activity and the committee’s needs.
Depending on schedules and assignments, some volunteers have access to meal services or snacks.
Once your registration is recorded in our system via our website, a confirmation of receipt will appear on the screen. A person in charge of recruiting volunteers for the Carnival will contact you as of September to confirm the information in your file (the timeframe may vary). Later, a member of the committee you selected will contact you.
Unfortunately, lodging is not provided.
At any time, you can contact the human resources department of the Carnaval at 418-626-3716 ext. 219 or send an email to rh@carnaval.qc.ca.