The Québec Winter Carnival, the biggest such event in the world, has been a source of pride for Québec City for 70 years.

Each year, the numerous activities that the Carnival proposes, including Bonhomme’s Ice Palace, ice sculptures, the celebrated parade, and the must-see ice canoe race on the St. Lawrence River, delight Quebecers and tourists alike in addition to enabling them to enjoy the beauties of winter. This outstanding, heart-warming festive tradition is a winter hallmark.

Like Bonhomme Carnaval, the event embodies our collective joie de vivre in the middle of winter. For 70 years, the Québec Winter Carnival has assembled growing numbers of carnival goers to celebrate, and I am convinced that this is only the beginning. I want to thank the organization, which, as it does every year, is surpassing itself and making the two weeks an unforgettable moment in Québec City.

Best wishes for a successful Carnival and enjoy yourselves! 

François Legault
Premier ministre du Québec

The fairytale love story between our city and Bonhomme Carnaval has been going strong for 70 years! And we’re still in the honeymoon. What is the secret to this “happily ever after?” We never stop working to keep the flame alive.

Over the years, the Carnival has continued to wow young and old by staying true to carnival classics like the magical parade and always evolving to keep up with the times.

Every year, the organizers throw in a few surprises to keep us on our toes and heat up our northern city with a host of original festive activities—something our 2024 programming is chock-full of.

And let’s face it, Bonhomme, with his irresistible charm, is the real life of the party!

I invite you to join in the fun and relive your childhood at one of the world’s biggest winter festivals, right here at home in the most wonderful city on the planet.

Bonhomme will be there, and so will I!

We look forward to welcoming you from January 25 to February 11, 2024.

Happy Carnival!

Bruno Marchand
Mayor of Québec City