Each Carnival Candle you buy is one more chance for you to win one year of free gas at EKO and one of many prizes. To enter the contest, just fill out our online form!

Refer to the Candle section of this website to learn all there is to know about the contest (Candle sales points, prizes, contest form, etc.). Good luck!


You could win $1000 in travel credit with Groupe Voyages Québec

When you purchase the Effigy, you get the chance to win $1000 in travel credit with Groupe Voyages Québec! To participate, fill in the online form by writing down your contact information and your contest promo code. This promo code can be found on the back of the last page of the Effigy booklet, which is packaged alongside the Effigy. Certain conditions apply.

Good luck!

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