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Carnival Workshops

This is where your ideas come to life!

With more than 60 years of experience, Ateliers du Carnaval brings together a formidable group of craftsmen and experts to offer you a turnkey solution, from design to installation, right up to the operation of your projects. Urban decors, promotional structures, advertising signage elements, floats, enchanting oversized decors for Halloween, Christmas or Easter: our team’s achievements are impressive in their size, quality and efficiency.

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You have the ideas, we have the ingenuity to bring them to life.

A collaboration for customized creations Carnival Workshops favors a collaborative approach with the client. The team can take charge of each project from start to finish, including

  • The taking of needs
  • Designing the custom project in collaboration with the client
  • Research and development of new materials
  • Complete fabrication: carpentry, sculpture, machinery, welding, painting, sewing, patinas and digital cutting
  • The delivery
  • Assembly
  • The complete operation of the installations

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Carnival Workshops also offer a large catalog of functional or artistic structures for rent.