Guide to dress well in winter

The Quebec winter can be relentless, with its freezing temperatures and abundant snowfalls. However, that doesn’t mean your style has to be sacrificed in the name of warmth. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you dress well in winter while staying in tune with the carnival spirit:

1. Layers are your best friends: The key to staying warm in winter is layering your clothing. Start with a thermal base layer to trap body heat. Opt for materials such as merino wool or thermal polyester for effective insulation.

2. Invest in a quality coat: A good winter coat is a must-have in Quebec. Choose a model that covers you down to your thighs to protect the upper part of your legs from the cold. Materials like down and synthetic fabrics are excellent for insulation. Ensure the coat is also windproof and waterproof to tackle the elements.

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3. Don’t forget the accessories: Accessories can make all the difference in winter. Go for a thick scarf, a woolen hat, and warm gloves to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body from the cold.

4. Sturdy boots are essential: Opt for waterproof and insulated boots to keep your feet dry and warm. Non-slip soles are a major asset for navigating icy sidewalks. Hiking-style or lace-up boots are both functional and trendy.

5. Embrace snow pants: To shield your legs from the icy cold, opt for snow pants. An essential for winter activities.

6. Play with colors and textures: Winter (especially during Carnival) doesn’t equate to dull colors. Choose vibrant colors and interesting textures to add a touch of dynamism to your winter outfits. Why not add a touch of flair! From colorful woolen scarves to boldly shaded coats, let your personality shine through your clothing choices.

In conclusion, dressing stylishly in Quebec’s winter doesn’t mean sacrificing your comfort. So, step out with confidence and enjoy the cold season in all its splendor.