Who are we

Carnivals' volunteers


Did you know that every year, several hundred volunteers get involved in the Quebec Winter Carnival?

Our various committees

  • Fundraising activities committee
  • Information committee
  • Logistics and on-site customer service committee
  • One-time activities committee
  • Services committee

Why not you?

Become a volunteer for the Carnival—an exceptional experience awaits you! Several committees are available to you. Join our dynamic team today!

Why Become a Volunteer for the Carnival:

  • To gain new experience, knowledge, skills and abilities
  • To take on responsibilities suited to your potential, interests and motivations
  • To gain contacts and human connections
  • To fulfill yourself and to achieve meaningful goals
  • To have fun and meet people

Frequently asked questions

You may register at any time using our registration form. We will keep your candidacy in our files for the next Carnival. However, the best time to register is from September onwards.
You are not required to be available throughout the Carnival. However, for unavoidable logistics-related reasons, volunteers must be available at least 4 hours per day for 2 days during the event, unless they are volunteering for a one-time activity.
Yes. At your first assignment, you will be given an Effigy and a proof of accreditation that grants you access to all Carnival sites and shows. You may use them whenever you are not on duty. All Quebec Winter Carnival volunteers also get: a volunteer's pin; special discounts at Bonhomme's Shop; an invitation to ''Bonhomme Hosts his Volunteers!'' and an invitation to the Volunteers’ Evening.
The work shifts of a given volunteer vary by activity and according to the needs of their committee.
Some volunteers have access to meal services or snacks, depending on schedules and assignments.
Once your candidacy has been recorded in our system through carnaval.qc.ca, you will receive a confirmation message. Some time from September onwards, an employee tasked with volunteer recruitment at the Carnival will contact you to confirm the information appearing in your personal file (the exact timeframe may vary). Later, the president of the committee you chose will contact you.
Unfortunately, we do not provide lodging.
You may contact the Carnival offices at any time at 418 626-3716.